4 Ways to Add Time to Your Day

By Jon Bottari, M.Ed. – Adjunct Faculty

CTU online degree - how to make the most of your timeYou’ve likely heard someone say, or said yourself, “If I only had more hours in a day…” quite a few times. Some days, you might be surprised at where your time actually goes.

In a recent survey, Americans spent an average of 4 hours and 24 minutes each day watching TV and video, with another 2 hours and 35 minutes spent on the Internet. Rounding out this list was mobile devices, which received an average of 50 minutes worth of attention every day. Are you guilty of overdoing any of these activities?

Keep Track of Your Time

One strong suggestion is to log your time. Similar to a calorie-counting app or a workout log, take the next week to log your time. Be truthful to yourself so you can begin to see where all of your time goes. You might be surprised at the number of minutes you can add back to your day by simply knowing where your time goes. Download this template for a guide to help log your time.

Take Charge of Your Time

Now that you have taken the time to log your time, apply what you’ve learned so you can gain control of your schedule. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Surf on purpose. Spend some of your regular Internet time reading or preparing for upcoming tasks and assignments.
  • Add more time to your day. Wake up 15 minutes early and go to bed 15 minutes later. Using this extra 30 minutes each day to read an e-book will give you an extra two hours each week.
  • Take a study break. One day each week, use your lunch hour for study time.
  • Get organized. Spending 5-10 minutes looking for a misplaced file or email can add up.

These simple tips can give you 4-5 additional hours per week that you didn’t realize you had.

Share here with others ways you were able to add more time to your day.

CTU FaAs an adjunct professor of general education at Colorado Technical University, Jon Bottari, M.Ed., helps prepare new students for academic and career success. He earned his Master of Education degree with a specialization in Leadership of Educational Organizations from American Intercontinental University and serves as CTU’s Director of University Operations. See why he’s in.

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