CTU Southern Colorado - CPEx Achievements in Excellence Event

Learn about managing your organization as a system, leadership’s role in this success, and the key processes that make it all work.

Ms. Debbie Collard, co-author of “The Making of a World-Class Organization,” will launch the event by sharing leadership successes at The Boeing Company, providing masterful insights into their journey to performance excellence. Using the Baldrige framework, The Boeing Company develops and operates great processes, secures loyal customers, engages employees, and produces profitable high quality products and services.

Colorado Springs businesses will share best practices that have served to differentiate them from competitors. You will learn from the best and take away many actionable approaches for your own continuous improvement journey.

June 15, Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. – noon, tour of Colorado Technical University Campus afterwards optional. Breakfast pastries and beverages will be served.

Colorado Technical University Southern Colorado
4435 N Chestnut St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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