Gloria Hess Advises Sioux Falls Graduates on Importance of Digital Identity

Gloria Hess, CTU VP of Career ServicesCTU’s Vice President of Career Services, Gloria Hess addressed the college’s Sioux Falls graduates recently, advising them on the importance of having a strong digital identity to build a successful post-college career.

Hess described her own success leveraging her digital identity, presenting these additional tips to help graduates get started:

  1. Be visible. You must establish and maintain your online identity, which means developing your personal brand, and then creating online profiles to support it.
  2. Find, follow and interact. Seek out people who represent companies you’re interested in. Then set a plan for how you’ll connect, which may at first be through a shared interest or connection.
  3. Build relationships. Having an online presence isn’t enough. You must proactively network and build connections with others, while being open to unexpected opportunities.

Hess concluded her speech with a strong reminder: Out of sight is out of mind. If you are not in the social media or online space, then chances are you’re out of sight to influencers who engage on those platforms and are potentially in a position to help you. Decide today: Are you out or are you IN?