Sticking To Your 2014 Resolutions

By Tonya Troka, M.A. , Program Director, General Education

CTU Business Degree - ResolutionsAt the end of 2013, you probably made a resolution to [fill in the blank] and by the end of this month you, along with countless others, will have already broken the promise you made to yourself, having long forgotten what you resolved to do. I’ve personally set out to lose weight or save money every year, only to splurge on expensive, calorie-laden steak dinners by Valentine’s Day.

Many speculate about why people don’t stick to their New Year’s Resolutions each year. It’s such a common challenge that I’m certainly not the only one to offer advice on the topic! But I believe that you achieve your 2014 resolutions and the tools to do so are right at your fingertips.

If you took the class, UNIV 104 Creating Academic and Career Success, you learned about goal setting. Simply apply what you learned to make and keep your resolutions. For example, try creating a SMART New Year’s Resolution: this means creating a specific goal that is measurable, attainable and realistic.

Use these examples to help you design a resolution that you can stick to and won’t have to resolve to do again in 2015:

  • From “Get in shape” to “I walk for 20 minutes/day beginning 1/7/14.”
  • From “Spend less money” to “I pack my lunch Monday-Thursday of each week.”
  • From “Be more balanced” to “I take 30 minutes each day for personal reflection.”

Notice the difference? Give it a try on your resolutions and feel free to share what you come up with in the comments below.

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes with your resolutions! Oh, and by the way, I resolve to have more fun by attending at least one professional sporting event each season. Now that sounds SMART!

CTU Faculty - Tonya TrokaTonya Troka, M.A., is an Ed.D. candidate and has worked for CTU in a variety of roles since 2004. She is currently the Program Director, General Education. Connect with Tonya on LinkedIn.

Image credit: Flickr/Mt 23