Questions to Consider During Break

For many students, a term or holiday break is a chance to catch their breath, an opportunity to take a breather before the start of another term. But a break between terms is also one of the best times to take stock and review how you did in your classes; it’s also a great time to plan for the upcoming term and set some goals for the rest of your academic career. During your break, ask yourself a few questions to prepare for your upcoming term.

Did I do everything I needed to do this term—and am I prepared for next term?

Taking a moment at the end of each term to make sure you’ve completed every assignment and worked hard to earn your grade is good way to close out the term. And before you return to new classes or continue classes in a new term, take a little time to do a checklist: make sure you have your learning materials and resources, the names of your instructors, and if it’s available, syllabi and due dates for your upcoming assignments. This checklist shouldn’t take long—and it could give you a little peace of mind as you go into your break.

Should I stay in touch with instructors and classmates while I’m on break?

Many students choose to sever all school contact between terms, while others e-mail their instructors to discuss progress on large projects or to receive information about an upcoming class. If you think you need to put in a little extra work to get ready for the next term, do it—but a break is a break. Step away from your studies and take a little time to relax.

What should I do with the rest of my free time?

It seems like today’s students don’t really have any free time: instead of taking a vacation on a beach or vegging out on the couch, today’s students have obligations like a job or family. But it’s still important that you take some time to recharge—once you’re back at it, you’ll need all the energy you can get.

As technology makes it easy for us to be connected no matter where we are, it’s important that students take time out to enjoy a few days without studying or worrying about assignments. It’s important that, after a break, you’re refreshed and ready to start a new term; it’s just as important for you to take stock and prepare for the upcoming term. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to reach your academic goals.