You Might Be an Online College Student If…

Being an online student is truly a unique experience. Not only are you able to access a wide scope of resources at the click of your mouse, but you also get to connect with people of all ages and all nationalities from the comfort of your own home. There is a distinctive set of developed habits that define the life of most online college students, and YOU might be online college student if...

...You get a rush of rebellious energy when you play solitaire while watching your class lecture.

...Wikipedia is your home page.

...You and your kids fight over who gets to do their homework first on the computer.

...With your time management skills, you could plan a tea party in the middle of a hurricane.

...All of your friends have an @ in their name

...Having study sessions with people in China, Australia, and Germany all at the same time is perfectly normal to you.

...Instead of passing notes during a lecture, you just open a new chat window and send an IM.

...You need your 10 year old to translate what your fellow students are saying in class chat rooms when they use online expressions like "BRB", "ROFL", "BOLO", "IRL", "OIC" and "OWTTE".

...You bring new meaning to the term 'business casual attire' on video chats......suit jacket paired tastefully with pajama bottoms and slippers.

...When you get in a fight, you secretly think you are typing in ALL CAPS.

...You believe your college friends actually look like avatars.

...You have used antidisestablishmentarianism and a smiley face in the same sentence more than once.

...Your multi-tasking should seriously be considered an Olympic sport.

...Your idea of a class prank is sending your professor a link to a YouTube video of a sneezing baby panda from an anonymous email address.

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