Online Degree Students: How Are You Using Technology?

A guide to educational technology uses for online degree students.

Present and future students can make the most of their online college education by choosing a degree that incorporates the latest advances in educational technology. From lessons delivered in a variety of multi-media formats, to interacting with classmates in an online environment, enrolling in an online degree program can be a multi-sensory experience. Find out how you can use the latest technologies to help you prepare for today’s job market by using this online learning guide.

Traditional Vs. Online Course Delivery

In the past, lessons have always required a student to participate in on-campus course lectures. As time passed, telecourses and basic online courses evolved but were still lacking feedback, discussion opportunities, and question and answer sessions. Today, a quality online school recognizes students as individuals. As such, each learns at his or her own pace using a variety of learning methods. Lessons are presented online and can be adapted to a student’s preferred method of learning. From receiving online lectures, to printing out study materials, and even holding class discussions in virtual social clubs; studying in a time and format convenient to a student’s schedule and learning preferences is fundamental to receiving a superior, online college education.

Interacting with Classmates

Basic online degree programs allow for classroom interaction via message board posting. Most of the time, this activity is not live and by the time a response is posted to your question or thought, you must re-read the original information. With the use of online communities, students can engage in live discussion on college forums in popular social networking sites. This allows for fresh, real-time issue discussion and encourages interaction among classmates. Even after graduation, alumni have the opportunity to return to these discussions and share their post-college experiences. By participating in online communities, you can become familiar with social networking technologies which, depending on career goals, may be seen as an additional asset to potential employers.

Advancing from Degree to Degree

One of the best benefits of choosing an online school is the ability to advance from one degree to the next, higher-level degree. Once a student has found a comfortable learning style, become familiar with a school’s technology and established relationships with other students, being able to pursue additional higher education at the same school can provide peace of mind. There are no additional online delivery formats to learn, no complex ways to reach other students, and most importantly, no confusing ways to contact instructors. Best of all, students may be able to work with familiar advisors in the areas of Career Services, Advising and Financial Aid.

Career Assistance for Graduates

In many colleges, students are required to come on campus to participate in job searching, career development and resume writing workshops. For students living a considerable distance away, attending one of these can be very difficult. Fortunately, the Career Services Department recognizes the needs of all students. They offer consultations in the areas of job searching, interviewing tips and resume assistance. Additionally, many of these workshops are available to online students via hosted chat sessions. Representatives from Career Services provide valuable information to current and future graduates designed to help them in their employment search. As a courtesy to working adults, seminars are held on different dates and times to accommodate varying schedules.

Experience Continuous School Improvement

No matter how excellent a school performs, there is always room for improvement. A good online school recognizes this fact and strives for perfection. Listening to students’ needs and delivering their requests is one way to achieve school improvement. As technologies advance, adding more online degrees to a school’s academic program shows genuine student interest and a desire to achieve a respected reputation within the online educational community.

Invest in Yourself

Take the first step to enhancing your career today. Enroll in an online degree program now to experience the benefits of current and future educational technologies. Increase knowledge, build lasting relationships and receive a quality education; all on your own time.

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