Top Ten CTU Mobile Features

CTU Mobile App on an iPhoneCTU Mobile is an important tool in your academic arsenal. Read on to understand the ten features that students love most about the university’s mobile app – available now for iOS and Android handset and tablet users.

CONVENIENT HOME SCREEN: Open CTU Mobile to instantly view your grades and track your progress toward degree completion. With a quick swipe or tap, you'll have access to an array of features designed specifically for your device. See that little school bell in the corner? That lets you know you have important notifications to view and new tasks to complete.

COURSES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: CTU Mobile gives you access to your course materials, including e-textbooks, handouts, and presentations. When you’re ready to complete an assignment or view course materials, CTU Mobile will transfer you to a mobile-responsive version of CTU's Virtual Campus on your phone's browser. It's like having a whole library in the palm of your hand.

REMINDERS: CTU Mobile is like having a personal secretary who can help you keep track of daily assignments and discussions. By simply tapping "Add to Calendar" you can quickly add an upcoming assignment or Live Chat to your phone's native calendar app. CTU Mobile will also notify you when your grades are posted, so you don't have to waste time repeatedly hitting the refresh button.

COMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS: In addition to reading course materials, the mobile app also allows you to read, write, and reply to Discussion Board Posts. Don't have a free hand? If your smartphone or tablet has a built-in voice recognition function you can dictate your discussion board posts and edit later. From a tablet, you can access intellipath assignments, submit your work for an originality score, and upload files for individual projects.

TOP TASKS: Can't decide what assignment to do next? No problem. CTU Mobile automatically compiles and prioritizes your coursework for you. The Home view always displays the next five tasks you need to complete. If you want a more complete view of your upcoming schedule, tap the tasks view for a 2-week view. It's like a news feed for your academic journey.

LECTURES, ANYWHERE: Whether you're riding the train to work or running on the treadmill, CTU Mobile allows you to participate in active Live Chat sessions or replay archived Live Chats from anywhere.

CONTACTING CTU: With CTU Mobile, you can email or call your personal CTU contacts with just a few taps. Not only can you read instructor feedback on your assignments, you can connect by email or phone with key university departments, staff, and faculty.

DIGITAL STUDENT ID: CTU Mobile lets you customize your profile picture or use your mobile ID to take advantage of student discounts.

MOTIVATION, WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST: Each new day that you log in, a new motivational message or helpful tip will appear right on the Home view. These messages are a compilation of tips from CTU faculty members and graduates.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your CTU Mobile experience? Read these instructions for adding your CTU student email to your mobile device and additional tips for using the app.

About CTU Mobile

Designed to help current CTU online students fit education into their lives, CTU Mobile offers a secure, convenient way to make the most of the mobile moments each day. Anytime. Anywhere. Available now in the iTunes and Google Play store for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users.