Tips For Being In School During The Holiday Season

CTU implements flipped classroom at two Colorado CampusesThe winter holidays are meant to be a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of loved ones, but some responsibilities, like school work, can be hard to take a break from. As a CTU student, you may not only have presents to buy, meals to prepare and a home to decorate. You also have assignments to complete and discussions board posts to respond to. How do you balance the holidays with the demands of academic life? It’s not always easy, but with a little planning you can work to reduce the stress of studying without intruding on valuable family time. Here are five tips for being in school during the busy holiday season.

Keep To A Schedule

Set aside a few hours each day for completing school work and stick with it. Pick a time--like early in the morning or late in the evening--when you know that distractions are at a minimum.

If you don’t have a few hours to spare, check in on your schoolwork with CTU’s mobile app so you can stay up-to-date on your assignments. Enjoying a holiday get-together will be much easier when you know you don’t have a lingering assignment to complete.

Communication Is Key

Once you have a schedule let your friends and family know what it is so that there are no surprises. As plans start to come together for holiday-related events, it’s important that others know that you have academic responsibilities. Even without schoolwork, making time for everyone is hard enough. But if you open up the lines of communication early and take the time to coordinate, you’ll lessen the impact of your class syllabus on an already packed holiday itinerary. Your family wants to spend time with you, but they also want you to achieve your academic goals. Letting them know your schedule in advance makes both possible.

Stay Ahead Of Schedule

If you use CTU Mobile to complete assignments and manage your academic schedule then you probably have a fairly good idea of what tasks are on the horizon. Use those few weeks before the holiday rush to get a jump on your coursework and buy yourself a head start. Start by looking at your upcoming schedule to give yourself a rough estimate of how much time every week you will need for school work. Pay special attention to those days when the workload is especially heavy. Then set yourself the goal of completing one or two extra assignments a week. With some luck, your academic requirements will be at a minimum by the time your holiday festivities are in full swing.

Find Some Peace and Quiet

Studying at home can be especially difficult during the holidays. There are lights to put up and cards to send out. Sometimes the best thing to do is just get away for a few hours. If you're having trouble focusing on course work at home, head to the library or local coffee shop.  A change of scenery is a great way to escape distractions and reset your brain.  In general, the more you can separate your time studying from your time celebrating the holidays, the more enjoyment you’re likely to get out of both.

Reward Yourself

Being in school around the holidays takes discipline and focus, and it’s important to do something for yourself to acknowledge this. Even if it’s something small--like allowing yourself to go for an afternoon jog to unwind or treating yourself to a spiced latte for completing an extra assignment--these rewards can provide just the motivation you need to make it through this hectic time of the year. And when the holidays have finally arrived, don’t forget to give yourself the greatest gift of all: a well-earned break.

The faculty and staff at Colorado Technical University know how hard you work and want to wish you and your family a happy holiday.

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