Can Big Data be a Big Deal for Small Businesses?

Bruce Harmon, Ph.D., Program Director for Computer Science, talks to Inc. Magazine 

CTU Faculty - Bruce HarmonIn an interview with for an article titled “Making it Work for Your Business”, Bruce Harmon shares his expertise on how “big data offers small and medium-sized businesses the ability to drill into their business data at a transactional level.”

The following is an excerpt: “In order to harness the power of Big Data to meet their needs, SMBs can benefit from adhering to several best practices, says Bruce Harmon, program director for computer science at Colorado Technical University. “First, do the research and consider the possibilities with an open mind,” he says. “Second, look down the road, and prepare a vision for how Big Data can get you where you want to be. Third, hire a consultant or draft a qualified member of your IT staff to estimate, design, and implement a solution to include the purchase of software or cloud services as applicable.””  (Source:

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