CTU gets connected to students and alumni

Pursuing an online education means spending plenty of time on the internet. Being connected is a large part of your success at Colorado Technical University. Beyond being connected for your coursework, you can also connect to classmates through social media outlets. Attending school online does not mean students lose the dynamic of school pride and socializing. CTU applies the perfect combination of social media to heighten students' experience while in school and beyond.

Facebook: The CTU Facebook page offers students a platform to share their experiences. Students share everything from recommendations of the school to challenges they are having with their classes to encouragement. Participating on the Facebook page offers students an extended network to find and interact with other students who may share the same experiences while they are attending CTU.

YouTube: Subscribe to CTU’s YouTube platform and enjoy a variety of videos from graduates and faculty. YouTube videos allow current students and alumni to learn about CTU initiatives and other information. And if you aren't yet a CTU student, there are YouTube videos to help you further explore what attending CTU would be like.

Twitter: Keep up with the latest trends at Colorado Technical University by following the school on Twitter. With so much going on and so many opportunities, you don’t want to miss out on anything. Get the latest scoop on webinars, scholarships and other updates by clicking the Follow button for CTU.

LinkedIn: Social media has taken a professional spin with the addition of LinkedIn, and you don’t want to miss out on what the Colorado Tech LinkedIn group has to offer. Join CTU’s group on LinkedIn and display your Colorado Tech badge as your first step to connecting with other students and alumni on LinkedIn.