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Taking a Break from College: Five Steps to Help You Stay on Track

If you're considering taking a break from college for necessary reasons, take these five steps to stay on track.

Active Duty to Classroom: 3 Steps That Can Help Get Back on Track

Tips on how to get back to the books whether you're on active duty or transitioning to civilian life.

Online Graduate Degrees: Back To School in Your 30s

A growing number of students in their 30s are pursuing online graduate degrees. Here are some tips to help you choose the right program.

How to Keep Your Resume Out of the Trash

Writing great cover letters is a lost art, but it's the step in the application process that can get you noticed and let you tell your story.

Going back to school in your 40s: Online Graduate Degrees for Lifelong Learning

Many people in their 40s are pursuing online graduate degrees for lifelong learning. Here are five tips to find the right school for you.

A Salute to Dr. Cathy Royal: Contributions to Gender and Racial Equality

March is Women’s History Month and CTU is celebrating by honoring one of our most inspirational women, Dr. Cathy Royal, whose work in gender and racial equality has paved the path to success for women and people of color from all walks of life.

What Can You Do While Job Hunting?

Knowing what to do when looking for a job can help you get ahead of your competitors. You should take the initiative to be involved in activities or events.

Facilitating Engagement for Online Learners: Do you need an e-portfolio?

Connie Johnson, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at CTU, shares how to create a sense of community and belonging for online learners with portfolios and other learning technologies.

What to Know Before Starting a Doctoral Degree Program at CTU

Thinking of getting a doctoral degree? Here’s what to know about earning the highest level of academic achievement at CTU.

Four Benefits of Online Learning You May Not Have Considered

Online learning is a great way for busy, top-notch professionals to add to their credentials. But many may not be aware of these benefits.

Are you a self-directed learner?

The cornerstones of STEM education, especially those related to problem solving, critical thinking, and mindfulness can benefit all of us.

Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipient Sets His Goals High

U.S. Army vet Barry Hooper wants to pay it forward and says his goal for obtaining a degree at CTU is to get a job.

7 Questions to Ask Your College Admissions Advisor

If you’re thinking about returning to college, ask your admissions advisor these questions before selecting a school.

How does Tuition Reimbursement Work?

If you’re employed and thinking about returning to school, then consider how your employer might help pay for tuition costs.

Decide if a Graduate Degree is For You

You’re contemplating graduate school in your future plans. Here are some tips to help you decide if an advanced degree is right for you.