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How to Become an IT Project Manager

Information technology and project management are in-demand career fields. Combined, they may present the ideal career path for you.

The New Role of IT Project Managers

Project managers across industries like healthcare, business, and finance use the same principles, but in the IT world, the demands are different.

Project Manager is More Than a Job Title

Project management skills are in-demand for most any professional role, not just project managers. Discover the 5 most essential skills you need.

The Proof is in the Salary: Median Project Manager Salary in Six-Figures

Project management is an in-demand field that can offer you a variety of career options and a six-figure salary.

From Degree to Greater Credentials

You’ve got a degree and have wondered whether adding a certificate to your credentials will advance your career. Read on to see why a certificate can give you greater professional standing.