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When Disaster Strikes, Local Non-Profits Pitch In

When disaster strikes most look to FEMA or the American Red Cross, but there is also a  powerful force found within local non-profit organizations.

Does Reliance on Technology Open the Door to Increased Cyber Risks?

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, CTU’s Dr. Nadav Morag warns against the impact this has on increasing cybercrimes and online risks.

All in a Day’s Work - Fighting Smuggling, Narcotics, Financial and Cyber Crimes

Combining analytical skills with on-the-ground action, Immigration and Customs Enforcement offers exciting career options in Homeland Security.

Homeland Security: It’s More Than a TV Show

“Homeland” may thrill audiences and inspire career choices, but the real field includes a wide variety of professional avenues that rely on a range of skills.

Looking for a Career in Homeland Security? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Could Have Your Next Job

When it comes to pursuing opportunities with FEMA, they are as numerous and diverse as the types of disasters that strike.

3 Steps to Landing a Job in Homeland Security

If you are trying to get hired in homeland security, see how to beat out the competition.

The United States Coast Guard: A Jack of All Trades

The Coast Guard provides a surprisingly wide range of protection for the United States. A survey of the service’s reach offers many potential career opportunities to explore.

Falling In: How an Unexpected Turn of Events Led to Career Bliss

Matthew Doughtie started his career as a cartographic editor, but now enjoys the challenge and excitement of an emergency management career.

Hacktivists: Cyber Freedom Fighters or Cybercriminals?

With a recent surge of hacktivist activity in the news, the line in the sand has been drawn. Do you stand with the freedom fighters or against the criminals?

Homeland Security: The U.S. Secret Service

The Secret Service is more than dark glasses and earpieces. Dr. Nadav Morag explores the multifaceted responsibilities of this elite organization.

Knowledge to the People! How the Information Revolution Offers Both Power and Peril

The Information Revolution is upon us, and while its benefits abound, the negative consequences could be devastatingly dangerous.

Keyboard Criminals: How Cybercrime Has Grown Up and Diversified

Not all criminals are created equal—and not all cybercrimes follow the same pattern. Here’s what you should know when it comes to the types of cybercrime out there. 

Cybercrime: The 21st-Century Criminal Threat

Gone are the days of harmless computer geeks.  Cybercrime is one of today’s biggest criminal threats with major consequences for businesses and individuals alike.

Customs and Border Protection: Rooted in Nation’s First Congress

An evolving agency, Customs and Border Protection covers more than roaming lonely stretches of borderland.  It protects our airports and seaports too.

North Korea - The Aggressive Hermit Kingdom

With one of the world’s largest armies and a growing weapons potential, North Korea is a country not to be trifled with.