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This Week's Top 5 Blogs - 2.20.13

This week’s Top 5 blogs: From hot cybersecurity jobs to the role of true grit in accomplishing goals, here’s a sampling of this week’s most popular posts.

This Week’s Top 5 Blogs

This week’s Top 5 blogs: From nuclear attack threats to business ethics scandals here’s a sampling of this week’s most popular posts.

Why Personal Branding is Critical in the Digital Age

Research shows that it takes a fraction of a second for someone to form a first impression of you, and often that impression is accurate. When you settle on that bit of knowledge, it’s unnerving. What if the impression you’re leaving behind isn’t the one you intended?

Top Five Articles for the Week

Read this week's top five articles, including keeping data safe, student centered teaching and a look inside the mind of a rapist.

Online Learning Success Strategies: Part 2

The term non-traditional student once referred to students taking online courses. Today, though, the online platform is becoming the new tradition, thanks to factors like convenience, cost, and easy access.

Colorado Wildfires: It Takes a Community

Our university Chancellor is just one of the many members of our CTU family impacted by the Colorado wildfires in June.

Op Ed: Business Perspective on RIM’s Decline

As part of a two-part op ed series, we asked the University Dean of Business and Management, Dr. Emad Rahim, and the University Dean of IT, Computer Science and Engineering, Dr. Myles Vogel, to share their personal reactions to what caused RIM’s decline. Part one in the series, this is Emad’s response.

CTU Wounded Warrior Recipient Johnny Pel Receives Golf Clubs From Fellow Vet

CTU Wounded Warrior scholarship recipient, Johnny Pel, is sporting a new set of golf clubs.

Customer Service in Healthcare: Is it Golden Service or has it been impacted by HIPAA?

Oftentimes our insurance or remote locations force us to seek care from specific providers unless we are willing to pay additional fees for going “out-of-network” – which doesn’t always make sense.

Why Desire Still Matters: Loving What You're Learning and Learning What You Love

Students who are coming back to school often have passion and drive which can go a long way toward fueling academic success.

Is Healthcare a Right or Entitlement?

Why is this subject gathering so much attention from the media? It appears that it has become a debate between the Republicans and the Democrats, when the impact is on all citizens regardless of political affiliation.

What to Expect in a Bachelor-level Engineering Degree Program

Deciding to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering can be daunting. After all, you can learn how to design, build, and fix complex equipment, systems, or processes. If you think you want to become an engineering student, it helps to know ahead of time what you could face in college. Here are five things you can expect in a bachelor-level engineering degree program.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing a Master's Degree

Deciding to pursue your master’s degree is a big step toward achieving your educational goals. But how do you know whether you’re making the right decision? Look over these five questions to ask before pursuing a Master’s degree.

CTU Southern Colorado Students Participate in the 2012 National Security Innovation Competition

On Friday, April 27 two CTU Southern Colorado students participated in the 2012 National Security Innovation Competition in Colorado Springs, put on by the National Homeland Defense Foundation.

Get Your Resume up to Date – Part II

Creating a quality resume is hard work. Many of us spend countless hours tweaking and puzzling over every detail imaginable, and with good reason. On a resume, details matter. In fact, one small error can disqualify you from consideration.