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A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and You

If you want to help others, enforce the law, or solve crimes, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree may help you move closer to your goal. If you are seeking to enter a field such as law enforcement, security or corrections a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice may provide you with the foundational knowledge that's required to get started.

Demand for Cybersecurity Experts is Growing Faster than Supply

Computer hackers are getting better. Their ability to unleash harmful viruses or expose personal identifiable information has created a need for an entirely new job sector: cybersecurity experts.1 But the supply of trained cybersecurity professionals doesn’t even come close to meeting the demand—and the divide is getting wider every day.1  

CTU Colorado Springs Students Investigate Crime Scene

CTU students pursuing degrees in Criminal Justice at the Colorado Springs campus gained hands-on experience in processing a mock crime scene staged recently on campus.  The CTU College of Security Studies and the student organization Lambda Alpha Epsilon Delta Psi Criminal Justice chapter contributed to the event’s success, inspiring many students to join the chapter’s membership.

CTU Alumni Profile - Mary Lou Chernik

Mary Lou Chernik not only completed her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, she also continued to earn her Master of Science in Management in Criminal Justice at CTU.

The North Korean Cyberattack on Sony: Is this Cyberwar?

In the wake of the cyber-attack from North Korea, Sony announced that it would not be releasing the film on the scheduled release date and major US movie theater chains declined to screen the film.

Scholarship Motivates Student to Continue Education

For many people, the decision to return to school can seem daunting but Robert Netherton overcame that fear and is pursuing an education at CTU.

Under Investigation: What the FBI Really Is Today

To understand the FBI, one must understand an organization that is able to support a huge task with a relatively small number of agents spread throughout the world. 

A Great Support Network for Success

Dennis Baker feels the friends he’s making at CTU are invaluable to helping him transition from a military career to civilian life.

The Constitutional Right to Privacy – What it Means for Security

Every democratic society has grappled with the dilemma of giving its citizens as much security as possible while also providing them with as much personal privacy as possible. 

Supreme Court’s Decision on Cell Phones could Mark a Significant Change for the Future

In the case of Riley v. California, the US Supreme Court made a powerful statement supporting privacy in a time when concerns about terrorism have fueled the debate on privacy versus security.

Message from University President, Andrew Hurst

CTU has a longstanding commitment to fostering a learning environment that emphasizes tolerance and respect.

Against the Odds: Achieving Despite Obstacles

Aneala Lance relied on her advisors to help her succeed – and they helped propel her forward to achieve her goals.

First Master of Homeland Security Graduate Shares His Take on the Program

Student William Prichard is among the first to graduate from the Master of Homeland Security program at CTU. He’s an experienced professional who has spent years dedicated to saving lives.

A Case for National Standards for the Death Penalty

The standards for the death penalty are not uniform across all states. CTU Program Director for Criminal Justice Rich Holloway argues his case for why he feels they should be.

Do the Mentally Ill Belong in Our Jails and Prisons?

The U.S. correctional system is not the appropriate place to deal with a person with mental health issues. The presence of inmates with mental health issues represents a huge problem for our nation’s prisons.