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Do You Have What it Takes to Win in the New Global Economy? (Part 1)

Part 1 - Wisdom from internationally recognized expert on trade with Africa, Rosa Whitaker.

You Decided to Pursue an MBA. How Do You Determine Whether or Not It’s a Quality MBA Program?

Deciding to pursue an MBA is one thing. Finding the right program is another. Here’s what aspiring MBA candidates need to look for when considering programs.

D.M. or Ph.D.? When Making the Choice, Details Matter

When it comes to choosing the best doctoral program for your future goals, you have a lot of choices. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

6 Key Lessons From an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is challenging, but also rewarding. Consider the following strategies that increase the likelihood of success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

4 Simple And Powerful Ways To Build Your Team’s Confidence And Rule The World

Self-confidence is key to developing successful teams. Leaders can inspire this confidence through consistent and purposeful efforts to acknowledge a valued employee.

The Profound Lesson Cows Can Teach Us About Leading People

Leaders who recognize their employees as people and understand their need for purpose, growth, appreciation and kindness are most likely to see their business thrive.

Adding More Relevancy and Credibility to BSBA for HR Professionals

CTU’s BS Business Administration degree in Human Resources Management now offers students even more relevancy and credibility with its recent alignment with SHRM’s guidelines.

CTU's BSBA in Human Resource Management Aligns with SHRM's HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates

CTU's BSBA-HR fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

How Developing Self-Awareness Will Make You A Fabulous Leader

Developing a deeper knowledge of self-awareness is key to leadership growth. Self-discovery improves communication and understanding between different personalities.

Arel Moodie’s Tips on Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur and best-selling author Arel Moodie shares his insights on what it takes to succeed and thrive as a business owner.

5 Ways to Leverage Your MBA to Achieve Your Goals

Your friends and family anticipate, along with you, the moment you walk across the stage and hear your name called to receive your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. You’re excited about your future, or perhaps a little anxious, and certainly relieved that your hard work has been rewarded. What comes next?

How to Finance a Startup

Entrepreneurial financing might be one of the most difficult and intimidating aspects of business ownership. While entrepreneurs are filled with innovative ideas and passion, they’re often starving for the capital to jumpstart and grow their business.

The Dilemma of Ethics and Cultural Diversity

Ethics and diversity are two major dynamics that influence the environment of modern organizations. Diversity is present when there is a mixture of differences in age, religion, culture, gender, ethnicity, education and more amongst a group of people within the same environment.

3 Quality Management Terms You Need to Know

Understanding the differences of these key quality management elements helps you more clearly communicate the status of your project with team members. When you know and document these terms accurately in your project plan, you’ll all be on the same page.