A Few Words from CTU Student Senate President R. Abel Martinez

CTU Student Senate President Abel MartinezMy title may be “Colorado Technical University Student Senate President,” but I see myself as more of a conductor. A conductor of people who make good things happen across campus and beyond—and I’m really stoked to lead the way.

The Voice of the Students

My goal here at CTU, beyond handling my own full-time class schedule, is to be the voice of the students and to connect them with the opportunities and resources they need to get the most out of their education.

In order to meet this goal, I make a habit of talking with students on a regular basis. I like to pick their brains about what’s working well at CTU and what could use some improvement. If their concerns need to be addressed, then we work together to come up with a solution. Some of the things students and I have focused on so far have included individual class issues and increasing tutoring hours.

It’s all about making sure that every CTU student has the best experience possible. Look, we all have outside lives and challenges that try to trip us up and knock us out of the game. I’m here to lend an ear and help provide solutions to the obstacles we all face as we work our way toward the completion of our degrees. I want students at CTU’s campuses to feel that they can come to me for help and support.

Beyond the CTU Campus

I must point out that helping CTU students is just one aspect of my role; I’m also happy to lead CTU students as we help outside groups and charities in the community (this is where my “conductor” analogy comes in…). CTU student volunteers are well-known by local charities. Why? Because we know how to get it done!

We’ve built a strong reputation for raising money and collecting material goods for a variety of organizations in the community. I’m honored to lead such a fine group of people who represent CTU with such class and determination.

Stay Tuned for More

It’s too cool that CTU is giving me this blog platform to talk about CTU students—not only to be the voice of the students, but to also be the voice of the community. In future blogs, I’ll delve into some personal stories of the people and charities our students have helped—they’ve inspired me and I hope they’ll inspire you, as well.

Until next time…


R. “Abel” Martinez

Abel is a full-time student and student senate president at CTU. He is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and a second concentration in Human Resource Management. He is also a U.S. Army veteran, serving his country for just under six years. His expected graduation date is December 2016.