CTU Faculty Spotlight: Christina Anastasia

CTU Faculty Christina AnastasiaIn addition to running three successful small businesses, Dr. Christina Anastasia is an adjunct professor and a works as a subject matter expert.  She has taught at every level on the educational spectrum, from MGM110 (Principles of Business) to MGMT655 (Management Capstone) to the doctoral research and writing courses.

Dr. Anastasia worked her way through the educational system herself: starting with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration back in 1993, through to her Ph.D. in Philosophy/Organizational Management at Capella, awarded in 2008. She is also an author and has published books such as, Teaching in Pink Fuzzy Slippers: A Real Guide for Online Instruction in 2006 and Karma & the Art of Business in 2003, as well as CTU’s Organizational Behavior textbook.  Dr. Anastasia has also written articles on cooperative living for retirees.

In her spare time, Dr. Anastasia travels, rides her motorcycle, and has one of the largest Uranium (Vaseline) glass collections in the country.​