2016 CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

CTU is proud to announce the 2016 recipients of the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship and Wounded Warrior Spouse Scholarship programs. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, course materials and fees, as well as a new laptop computer. Congratulations 2016 recipients!

2016 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients

Angelo Allen, SPC (ret.), US Army, Florida
Robert Allen, MAJ, US Army, Colorado
Justin Bernache, CW3, US Army, Colorado
Ronald Borel, SSG (ret.), US Army, Georgia
Paul Clark III, LT (ret.), US Navy, Virginia
Nicholas Copare, MAJ (ret.), US Army, North Carolina
Ashley Crandall, SGT (ret.), US Army, Delaware
Sergio Cuevas, SSG, US Army, New Mexico
Emery Delp, SPC (ret.), US Army, Hawaii
Jozel Dirksen, SGT, US Army, Colorado
Charles Galloway III, SSgt (ret.), US Air Force, Colorado
Mario Garcia Carvajal, SFC, US Army, Louisiana
Keith Hilton, SFC, US Army, Maryland
Steven Kendall, MAJ, US Army, Virginia
Jason Muehe, SFC (ret.), US Navy, Oregon
Timothy Quach, SFC (ret.), US Army, North Carolina
Louise Roarty, PO3 (ret.), US Navy, Colorado
Adam Rodgers, CW2, US Army, Hawaii
Timothy Shanks, SSG (ret.), US Army, Kentucky
Bradley Thomas, Sgt (ret.), US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Li-Kesha Thorton-Dreher, SPC(P) (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Travis Tyrer, SSG (ret.), US Army, Colorado
Patrick Wentzel, CPT (ret.), US Army, Virginia
Martin Wohlgemuth, MAJ, US Army, Colorado
Andrew Wood, CPT (ret.), US Army, Indiana
Toya Borel, US Army, Georgia
Kerry Brinker, US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Melissa Burkett, US Marine Corps, Maryland
Elysse Fleece, US Army, Colorado
Zachary Garber, US Marine Corps, Pennsylvania
Christina Griffith, US Army, New York
Christine Haas, US Army, Florida
Katherine Johnson, US Marine Corps, South Carolina
Megan Johnson, US Army, Michigan
Kathryn Jones, US Marine Corps, Florida
Brandi Koelzer, US Navy, Missouri
Cari Lawson, US Marine Corps, Colorado
Carol Mills, US Army, Pennsylvania
Nina Nevins, US Army, Wisconsin
Rebeca Perez, US Army, New Mexico
Janki RamasarLalgee, US Army, Florida
Tona Rimmer, US Army, Colorado
Dawn Rodgers, US Army, Hawaii
Trish Simester, US Army, Iowa
Janice Stenglein, US Army, Arizona
Laurie Suesakul, US Army, Iowa
Shayla Tisevich, US Army, Arizona
Theresa Triplett, US Army, Georgia
Penney Vasquez, US Marine Corps, North Carolina
Sonia Yulfo, US Army, Maryland