CTU Wounded Warrior Military Scholarship Program

Click here for the press release about our 2015 Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipients.

About the Scholarship

In 2008, Colorado Technical University created the Wounded Warrior Scholarship in collaboration with the Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc. to help give back to those service members whose lives have been altered due to injury while serving in the United States Armed Forces. For many Wounded Warriors, the impact of their service reaches farther than the service member alone. Accordingly, this scholarship annually provides full tuition coverage for a full degree program to fifty eligible wounded service members, their spouses, or their non-medical attendant.

New for 2016:  

  • Non-medical attendants/caregivers are now eligible
  • Scope of injury expanded to include any injury (over 30%) while in service of the US Armed Forces (including Reserves and National Guard)
Apply for the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship

What the Scholarships Cover

  • Full tuition to any eligible CTU degree program
  • Specially-trained military education advisors
  • New laptop computer
  • Hardcopy or e-books
  • 24/7 technical support

Attend College Anywhere, Anytime

All CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship recipients have the option to complete their degrees online via the Internet, allowing students to take classes from anywhere in the world. The virtual campus at CTU is a supportive environment for recovering service members, their spouses and caregivers, to begin and continue their education. Whether receiving rehabilitation services or caring for a service member as they recover, the virtual campus allows students the flexibility to access their classes at times that are convenient for the them...anytime!

Scholarship Eligibility

Candidates for the scholarship must:

  • Be a spouse/non-medical attendant of, or active member/ Veteran of the United States armed forces currently receiving medical treatment for injuries received in the line of duty.   Candidates must provide proof of eligibility as outlined in the application.
  • Meet the application requirements of Colorado Technical University including; being able to provide proof of high school graduation or equivalency documents to CTU by the first day of the second quarter in the degree program of study. It is the student’s responsibility to provide this documentation. Any student who does not provide documentation of high school equivalency prior to the first day of the second quarter in the degree program of study may be subject to cancellation from the University.

Employees or family members (spouse, dependent child, or domestic partner) of an employee of Colorado Technical University, or any other subsidiary of Career Education Corporation, are not eligible to receive the scholarship.  Applicants who have received two (2) previous Wounded Warrior Scholarships and applicants who have been previously coded out, withdrawn, or academically dismissed from the Wounded Warrior Scholarship Program are also not eligible.  Please refer to the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application for full details regarding eligibility.


Email: WoundedWarriors@ctuonline.edu