Career Impact for CTU Graduates

With more than 70,000 alumni you may be able to grow a professional network you can use the rest of your career. According to CTU’s survey of graduates:

Senior level job titles held by CTU alumni more than doubles 3 years after graduation

1 out of 2 CTU online graduates return to CTU to pursue another degree

99% of employers rate CTU graduates as performing as well or better than other employees

Source: Employer Survey - 2012 CTU Employer Experience Research: Survey of 2011 CTU graduates

Key Motivators

  • Career Focused
  • Convenience
  • Family
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John M.

Program: MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Year: 2009

Balancing Work, Family, and Education

John M. took advantage of his tuition grant and employer reimbursement program to pursue his MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management online at CTU, graduating in 2009.

I began working for Lockheed Martin as an electronics assembler. I always wanted to go back to school, but I had started a family and believed it would be very difficult to work full time, raise my family, and attend school all at the same time. I earned my Associate of Science degree in 2001, my Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 and then my MBA from CTU in 2009. After 25 years, I am still with Lockheed Martin, although now I am a staff level logistics engineer.