Your Degree - Within Reach

The complexity of balancing work, life and education don’t have to stand in the way of your goals. Through CTU’s innovative learning technology, you can attend class online and participate in virtual lectures from the comfort of your own home. Attend fully online, in person at one of our ground campus locations, or a combination of both. You can:

  • Flexibility

    to start class online, or at a ground campus, in as little as a few weeks

  • Try One or Several Courses

    before enrolling in a full degree program

  • Classes Designed for Your Busy Schedule

    that are available on nights, weekends, or online

1 out of 2 CTU online graduates return to CTU to pursue another degree.

Source: CTU Online Re-Enroll Start Database, Jan. 2013

  • 3 out of 4 CTU students

    who are very likely to recommend the university to others cite our programs, classes, faculty, or online campus as their main reason for the endorsement.

Flexible Online Classroom

Many CTU students achieved their degrees online while working full-time and keeping up with their active families.

  • Work from anywhere you have internet access

    CTU’s Virtual Campus is accessible from any connected device so you can participate in classes in real-time, submit homework, and communicate with fellow students and faculty members.

  • Access course materials on your terms

    Lectures with real-world faculty members are archived, so you can watch or reply them anytime – day or night. Textbooks are mobile and e-reader accessible so you can learn while on the go.

  • Wide program availability

    CTU offers online degrees in Business & Management, Computer Science, Healthcare, Information Systems & Technology, Project Management and Security Studies. Depending upon the program, degrees are offered at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level.

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Your valuable time is best spent learning. So, whether you need help configuring your laptop with Microsoft programs or accessing the Virtual Campus, our tech support team is on call 24/7.

  • Tour CTU's Online Classroom

Access to Real-World Experiences and Peers

CTU connects you to what matters most –curriculum that meets the demands of your industry taught by real-world faculty members. With accessible classroom technology, learn from today’s challenges and prepare for the hard-hitting problems of tomorrow – all while building a professional network you can use the rest of your career.

  • Instructor Interaction and Feedback

    Experienced CTU faculty members share their knowledge during virtual lectures and live online chats. Students may contact instructors through email, phone or online chat during regularly scheduled office hours. Student mentors and tutors are available for additional support; and for late night questions, CTU provides a 24/7 tutoring service for key areas like math and writing.

  • Interact With Professional Peers in Your Field

    CTU’s industry-relevant courses are designed to offer opportunities to interact with your peers. Our Virtual Commons connects you to fellow students to further enhance your education; while CTU social networks link you to a powerful, professional network of more than 70,000 alumni.

  • Personalized Learning Technology

    CTU’s personalized learning system allows you to control what, where, when and how you learn. Assessments identify what you already know – so your time is spent learning something new.

  • Industry-relevant and Interactive Curriculum

    Through CTU’s Professional Learning Model™, you’ll play an active role in practical problem-solving. Course content is specially designed so you can watch, listen, and interact in complex, real-world situations that challenge your ability to organize, research and solve problems.

CTU faculty members have an average of 16 years of industry relevant experience and 60% are currently employed in the field they teach.

Source: CTU Faculty Resume Analysis, July 2013.