CTU Credit for Prior Learning - Fast Track

Proficiency credit can be earned in select Colorado Technical University courses by demonstrating what you already know, which may possibly allow you to save up to 30% on tuition costs and reduce time spent in school by as much as 30%, depending on successful completion of Fast Track™ courses. 

Fast Track™ is available to enrolled and prospective students pursuing their Associate or Bachelor’s degree. There is no additional cost to take a Fast Track™ Course.

Fast Track™ assessments are designed to cover key concepts required to pass a typical length course and are taken using intellipath™ adaptive learning technology. Once the assessment begins, you have seven days to complete the course.

Fast Track™ assessments are not timed and you are able to go back through previously answered questions in an attempt to improve your score.

Once a Fast Track™ course is complete, students who score at least a 70% will earn proficiency credit which is only applicable to CTU. If you do not pass you are not penalized, you simply remain enrolled in the full course as regularly scheduled.

New students that are interested in Fast Track™ should speak with their Admissions Advisor to learn more.

Current students should contact their Success Coach to see if they are eligible.