Military Transcript Links

Colorado Technical University uses official military transcripts to develop your degree program. You should request and maintain copies of your transcripts for your own reference. You can obtain copies of your military transcript using the appropriate links below. Some branches allow you to request and receive your transcripts online; others must be requested in writing.

You can also use these links to request official copies to be sent to Colorado Technical University.

Army and Reserve Personnel

Army/A.C.E. Registry Transcript Service (AARTS)

Students must mail or fax a completed form to AARTS in order to have an official transcript sent to a particular institution. The AARTS transcript is provided free of charge.

Sailor and Marine Personnel

Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART)

Air Force Personnel

  • Visit an Air Force education center, or
  • Go to a computer at a military base.

Coast Guard Personnel

Correspondence Course Links

You may have completed eligible correspondence courses or other training that can be used for college credit. Review the links to sites containing course/transcript information by military branch.

Army and Reserve Personnel

Marine Personnel

Navy Personnel

Air Force Personnel