Dr. Myles A. Vogel

University Dean, IT, Computer Science and Engineering

Hoffman Estates, IL

Conceptualist. Problem-based educator. Linear thinker.


Dr. Myles Vogel, as University Dean, is responsible for overseeing program curriculum content and development for all information technology, computer science and engineering programs. He oversees Program Directors, program committees and advisory boards.

Vogel also monitors the latest trends and demands in these disciplines to help ensure the curriculum is industry and government relevant, and current. Vogel’s business career covers more than 25 years as Chief Information Officer in Information Technology for both domestic and international firms. He has experience in a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, oil, high tech and medical informatics.

His academic background includes 17 years of experience (over 100 courses taught) as an Adjunct Professor of Information Technology at John Hopkins University – Carey Business School. In 2007, he was named the "Outstanding IT professor of the Year" at the Carey Business School. He teaches at all levels, and is published in his field.

Dr. Vogel’s research interests are in Data Analytics, IT Alignment and IT and Competitive Advantage.

Academic Specialization/Focus at CTU

Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering

What is your teaching philosophy?

Faculty with significant professional experience, strong academic credentials, and a real interest in educating students is critical. For students, I am convinced that an outstanding education requires not only conceptual understanding of the application of concepts, but also the ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems.

My approach to problem-based learning is at the cornerstone of my philosophy to teaching. Key skills, such as critical thinking, business analysis, creativity, the ability to effectively communicate in writing and orally are also requirements of a premier education. I believe it is the responsibility of the student to earn the grade for the class based on focus, motivation, organization, and diligent study. Students should strive to be interactive in the virtual or face-to-face classroom to contribute and learn from other students.

Awards or achievements
  • John Hopkins University. Carey Business School. Outstanding IT Professor of the Year (2007)
Research interests
  • Business alignment with IT
  • Leveraging IT for a Competitive Advantage