Corporate Solutions

CTU’s Educational Alliances team was formed to establish relationships with corporations and work with those corporations to address their business challenges through education. We understand that developing talent among your current employees and attracting the right new talent are keys to your organization’s success, and we can help. We are currently helping our alliances address the below business challenges; contact us today to start a discussion on how we can help address yours.

Skill gaps

Based on a survey of employers, 4 out of 5 of them would hire another CTU graduate*. Our Educational Alliances team does not only help you develop options to fill skill gaps within your current employee population, but they can also put you in touch with resources to help you recruit new talent from our pool of alumni.


We know you are just as focused on keeping your current talent from going to your competitor as you are on finding the best new talent. Investing in your employees’ education shows that you value the employees you have and aids in retention.

Providing quality benefits to your employees while linking it to an ROI

Our Educational Alliances team wants to ensure that you have the data you need to be able to show the importance of providing quality education benefits to your employees. By providing reports on your employees’ performance we can help you illustrate an ROI.


CTU was among the top 10 schools in a number of categories for the 2008- 2011 school years in the Diverse Issues in Higher Education annual list of top degree-granting schools for minorities. Our career services team can help identify potential candidates for your job openings from our current students and alumni.

A workforce with the ability to problem solve

99% of employers rate CTU graduates as performing as well or better than other employees* based on a survey of employers. We attribute this to CTU’s Professional Learning ModelTM (PLM). The PLM gives your employees the opportunity to actively participate in real-world scenarios as collaborative problem solvers and project leaders. This deepens their understanding of how theoretical knowledge can be applied to practical solutions in your workplace.

For information on the CTU Educational Alliances Program, please email us.

*CTU Employer Research: Starting in 2010, CTU has measured the experience of employers with recent CTU graduates. Conducted in Q1/2 2012.